Lessons in Medicine from the Car Dealership

Midway through my residency, my husband and I purchased a new car. The old one, a well-traveled and well-loved 1999 Toyota, had become a bit of a money pit, so rather than trying to sell it or trade it in at the dealership, we decided to donate it. As we sat with the salesperson reviewing …

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Namaste . . . to Myself

So many of the phrases that I use when talking and writing about palliative care - meeting people where they are, starting low and going slow[ly] (when managing pain meds), following the signs that the body shows us - apply surprisingly well to yoga. Yogic wisdom encourages us to go at our own pace, focusing …

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Turn the Mirror on Yourself

I’m at a conference - a very exciting conference - on palliative care, which is the field of medicine that focuses on the quality of life for patients with life-limiting or -threatening illnesses, as well as that of their caregivers. Sitting in a huge hall of huge people with huge ideas, I can barely keep …

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