Basketball and Medicine

A few months ago, my husband and his brother took me to my first professional basketball game.  Prior to this, the last basketball game I had attended had been to watch from the corner of my eye as my middle school boyfriend and his teammates trekked up and down the court, facing the team from …

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The Haircut

There are things that I do slowly and things that I do quickly.  Take running, for example.  I’m no sprinter.  I move at a plodding pace, with plenty of time to take in the scenery.  Then there is speaking.  Once during high school, I launched into an oral presentation in my history class only to …

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The Parent Trap

Parents: one of the most oft-cited reasons by physicians in other specialties that they chose to keep their distance from pediatrics.  And one of the factors that convinced me that the field was right for me.  In the personal statement for my residency application, I waxed poetic about how much I enjoyed the task of …

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