Why I got the COVID vaccine while pregnant

I really wish COVID weren't still such a relevant topic, but here we are. When I was given the opportunity to provide a comment or two on the topic of vaccination, especially my decision to be vaccinated while pregnant, my answer was an enthusiastic yes! It was even more enthusiastic when I was asked if …

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I'm pleased to share an essay, Ugly, that is currently in the in-House (an online magazine for medical residents and fellows) Social Medicine theme issue. I wrote it way back in med school and have by turns mulled it over, completely restructured it, and ignored it for various periods of time over the past eight years. …

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Namaste . . . to Myself

So many of the phrases that I use when talking and writing about palliative care - meeting people where they are, starting low and going slow[ly] (when managing pain meds), following the signs that the body shows us - apply surprisingly well to yoga. Yogic wisdom encourages us to go at our own pace, focusing …

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