We Stand Together… Just Six Feet Apart

Publishing a children's book wasn't on my list of goals for 2020, but here we are! Several collaborators (an artist and two other physicians trained in pediatrics as well as allergy/immunology) and I joined forces this spring with the goal of developing a simple story to explain to young children why the world as we …

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I'm pleased to share an essay, Ugly, that is currently in the in-House (an online magazine for medical residents and fellows) Social Medicine theme issue. I wrote it way back in med school and have by turns mulled it over, completely restructured it, and ignored it for various periods of time over the past eight years. …

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When the End is Like the Beginning

In perhaps the greatest irony of my short career, after finishing my pediatrics residency I began a fellowship through the division of geriatrics. The actual training program is in Hospice and Palliative Medicine, but at my institution this subspecialty is housed under the auspices of Geriatric Medicine. As a result, the weekly didactic sessions focus …

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