New Blogging Gig!

I'm thrilled to have been chosen to join the blogging team over at Mothers in Medicine for the next year. I've guest-posted for them before, but recently they put out a call for official bloggers for the site and I answered and was selected! I'll post links on The Growth Curve to everything I post …

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Smashing the Pot

Lately I've been devoting less of my writing time to drafting new works and more to revisiting old ones, paying particular attention to a collection of essays I wrote during medical school. Over the past few years, my edits and reworkings of a few of them have led to publications in various medical and writing …

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Literature + Medicine

I am incredibly pleased and grateful to share that I was selected as the Grand Prize winner of the writing contest associated with Texas Health Resources' Sixth Annual Literature + Medicine Conference held last month in Dallas. While I was unable to attend, I strongly encourage anyone interested in the medical humanities to consider attending, …

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