The Walk Home

I have thought a lot in past year or so about religion, spirituality, and my own relationship with each. I don’t consider myself a religious person, but I suppose it’s unsurprising that I would spend time pondering such things given that I spent a year training in hospice and palliative medicine and am currently a …

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Life Lessons from the Mammography Suite

Last week I had my first mammogram. If you’re thinking, wow, isn’t she a bit young for that?, first, thank you!, and second, my doctor recommended starting now due to the impressive history of breast cancer in my family. Yes, we have had genetic testing, and no, the BRCA mutation was not found. Which most …

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Beating Burnout (or at least trying)

Medical News Today put together this look at different ways that doctors spend their time outside of the hospital. I'm pleased to be included and fascinated by the variety of hobbies that others pursue. I can't claim that writing completely prevents burnout, but it certainly helps! Read the article here.