Ten Wishes

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to give advice to others than it is to apply the same wisdom to your own life?  Not bad advice that you would never follow yourself, but advice that prompts the recipient to live more fully, more freely.  To demand more from oneself and from the world around him or her.  Sometimes it’s worth taking a step back and applying the same sentiments to our own lives.

Last month, I was fortunate enough to have a beautiful baby shower thrown by my family and friends.  One of the activities involved each guest filling out a card listing ten things she wished for my baby, following prompts such as “I hope you learn…” and “I hope you love….”  Later that evening, my husband and I read through every response, giggling at the sweet jokes, growing teary at the love expressed for our little one, and, by the end, feeling thoroughly awed by the depth of emotion and consideration that saturated these pages.  Common sentiments threaded through many responses, and it occurs to me as I continue to reflect on them that many of these wishes apply not just to a life starting out but to a life at any stage.  And that, just as we wish good things for those we love, we might do well to apply some of the same intentions to our own lives, that we may hold ourselves to a higher standard and engage in our lives more fully.


To honor the start of the year, I share with you some highlights: wishes that I hold for my baby, but also for everyone around me.  And, in the spirit of taking my own advice, for myself.

I hope you learn that there is always a silver lining



I hope you aren’t afraid to try something new every day



I hope you love to learn and go on adventures



I hope you get to explore the beauty of this world



I hope you laugh so hard you cry tears of joy



I hope you never forget how much you are loved



I hope you ignore those who tell you that you can’t do something



I hope you become someone who is passionate about what they do



I hope you respect others’ feelings


I hope you grow in wisdom and grace daily

Happy New Year.


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