Stethoscopes and Poop

There are few places that can make an intern feel as inept as can the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).   The medical care required by premature and very ill infants is unlike anything in the rest of pediatrics.  But before new residents can even begin to build a knowledge base, they must chisel through layer …

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The New Doctor

As I drove to my first shift of residency, my first shift as a doctor, all I could think about was my friend’s dog. *** During my last year of medical school, my husband had moved to a different city for reasons related to his work.  One perk of our arrangement was that he shared …

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Physician Writer

I wrote my first story when I was four.  To be fair, I dictated it.  My mother took down my words, printing them neatly across the squares of white paper that she had stapled together to make a book.  She left plenty of space above for my crayoned illustrations.  When we were done, I was …

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